An Urgent Appeal

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, You are probably aware of the inconvenient truth that, we are having an issue with the current status of our Mosque. As you know, in the beginning, the committee had created a corporation in order to purchase the mosjid building. Since the corporation was fairly new, it was not possible to purchase the building under our corporation. Moreover some people of the community have complained and stated that there might be some possible illegal activities taking place in our mosque. In order to solve this problems, we need to change the title of the Masjid Building immediately and transfer the title under our corporation. In order to do so, the bank requires to repay the loan in full amount. After doing so, we will be able to transfer the title under the corporation name.Furthermore, we are planning to reconstruct the Masjid building in order to provide a serene (peaceful) place for all Muslim umma and their generations. In order to do so, we will submit a new plan for the building to NYC Department of Buildings. The new plan will cost us approximately $200,00.00 (Two hundred thousand dollars).Therefore, we would like to urge all Muslim brothers and sisters to continue with their monetary generosity and other support to our East Elmhurst Jame-E-Masjid. We are also planing to renovate the Masjid building. In addition, we will issue promissory notes against all Qarz-E-Hasna; we will try our best to repay the money on time.May Allah guide us through our plan as well as bless everyone.

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